Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

The Way to Love

Diposting oleh Qin Ling Roui di 03.28
Shall I do? I never say my loneliness
When LOVE come to me
Nothing I can do, except I take it
Every heart doesn't know what to do and what to say
So I pray for help to the distant of million star
We always seek after love and peace forever more
Look up at the sky !
Every heart is shining all today
Every heart can take a step toward the dreams
All of us wanna take a lasting happiness
Whenever you fell sad....
I wanna hold you and make you comfort with me
All the people find the way to LOVE . .
Goes and Goes . . .
The time goes on and we are not alone
We live on together and will find some precius thing
Sometimes we will smile, we will cry somehow
Don't forget beliving your self that TOMORROW never DIE
There are many star that talk to me so kind and say
There is a warm place in MY HEART. . .
That I must keep LOVE in my heart
That is ONLY FOR YOU. ^^

created by : Qin Ling Roui

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